• 7 Things You Didnt Know The iPhone Could Do...

    28 January 2008

    1. The iPhone Can Be A Guitar!

    The next generation of bands will not be holding real guitars, they'll be holding their ipods and strumming away at their screens.



    2. The iPhone Can Be Your Girlfriend

    In the future our iPhones will be our girlfriend. They keep quiet, and look pretty.




    3. The iPhone Can Get You Drunk!

    No more waiting at the bar. Anywhere you are, all you need is your iPhone and you can take a swig of that ice cold beer.



    4. The iPhone Can Make Popcorn

    No.. don't get up from your seat while your watching your movie, just let your iphone make the pop corn, and you eat away...




    5. Your iPhone Can Become A Natural Habitat


    Be careful... if your iphone isn't kept clean, you'll soon see bugs living in your iphone.



    6. Your iPhone Has Blood


    It's alive!



    7. Your iPhone Is An X Ray Machine

    No need to rush to the hospital, your iPhone can X Ray.


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