• How to increase iPhone battery life

    29 September 2008

    One of the main complaints and issues people have with the iPhone is its battery life. Indeed, it was my main complaint; I would play music for a couple of hours whilst driving somewhere only to find my battery had died, and I would have to charge my iPhone every night whilst I slept. That was the case, until I got my iPhone JUICED!

    The battery inside the first generation iPhone (4GB, 8GB, and 16GB) was soldered to the motherboard, thus making it extremely hard and dangerous to change your iPhone battery. The battery inside the iPhone 3G, however is not soldered but it is still almost as hard to access and replace it. However, iPod Juice thankfully houses a solution.

    Although they do sell single batteries so you can change your own iPhone battery, they do not recommend this (you wouldn't want to go breaking that brand new iPhone now, would you?). But for a small fee you can send them your iPhone, they will replace the battery and send it back on the same day it arrives. Since taking up this service I am able to enjoy hours of music and video. I still charge my iPhone every night but when I come home to put it on charge it is on a significantly higher battery percentage then it was before I had the battery changed.

    If anybody has had any experience changing their own battery feel free to comment here on how to do it and if it was a success.

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